Latest Past Events

2nd Annual Yule Ball and Market

Vice Versa 355 High Street, Morgantown

Market Public Entry opens at 2 p.m. and closes at 7 p.m.Yule Ball opens at 9 p.m. In a Joined Effort With Lady Gwendolyn (Rowan Temple Of Light), Mo Cumming(Earth Magic), Aeson Knight(, Joseph Arrington(Mystic PC), and Vice Versa. We will bring you the 2nd Annual Yule Ball and Market. 18 is our Magic Number […]


Psychic Scrying – Open Your Psychic Self

Earth Magic, LLC 3506 University Avenue, Morgantown

Unveil the Mysteries of Psychic Scrying - Ignite Your Inner Psychic Self! Discover the enchanting world of divination with the guidance of High Priest Aeson Knight in our transformative course, "Psychic Scrying - Open Your Psychic Self." Embark on a journey that delves into various forms of divination, including mesmerizing practices like wine glass scrying, […]


Journey of the Fool 102

Earth Magic, LLC 3506 University Avenue, Morgantown

Embark on the next chapter of your Tarot journey with Journey of the Fool 102. This captivating course will unveil the intriguing world of reversed card meanings, unravel the hidden patterns within the Tarot, and guide you to complete your transformation as the Fool. Prepare to take your Tarot reading skills to the next level! […]