Meet Mo Cummings!

When I was a young girl, the 1st biography I ever read was a book called Diary of a Witch by Sibyl Leek. Her words and life experience felt like a conversation with my own heart and soul.

Hearing the wise wisdom that she recalled in those pages sealed forever my wish to work toward, and one day achieve a similar understanding for myself. It spoke to a part if me that felt different, and gave me a way to understand that it didn’t make me wrong or alone.

A person who chooses to change their own world and to take a deliberate path has already embraced the most important part of majick. We are honored to be here to help in that journey if we may.

Today, I have been living a magical life for nearly 30 years. I AM A WITCH.

To be able to put a name to the feeling I carried throughout my life felt like I had finally come home. I opened Earth Magic to give that sense of comfort and identity to others and to create a place of community and fellowship for all of us who think and feel outside the box. We welcome all faiths, and those who want to seek personal wellness. It’s my hope all who shop with us find a peaceful place and a community of acceptance.


Mo Cummings